Jazz night


The lights were too low in the jazz bar we were to take any good picture. But just imagine a small cellar with brick walls, in which by the end of the evening got crammed together French people, foreigners, students, men, women, people around 50, black people, white people, my friends and I. At the piano, a tall, 30-something guy, with small, round glasses, was playing as if with all his being, sometimes closing his eyes and accompanying the piano with little words and sounds. The bass player was an skinny American with black eyebrows and grey hair, moving his fingers so fast, you could hardly see what they were doing. And, finally, at the drums there was this young blondish guy, with long hair put up in a crazy ponytail on one side, that while playing was leaning his head to one side (which could be the explanation for the ponytail). I liked them – they had energy and passion and life.

This was the first song they played – “because it is April, and because this is Paris”, as the piano guy said. In a very egocentric way, I felt like this song was for me :)

I would like to share it now with all of you – enjoy!