A first step into Cambodia: Phnom Penh

We arrived in Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital city, with the last rays of the sun. The sky was slowly getting darker and darker, as the city seemed to become more and more alive. We walked along the river and passed a small Buddhist temple where people were celebrating – with incense sticks, flowers and, most of all, music. Breathing in the night air, receiving in my heart the beat of the drums and the glittery sounds of  mysterious bells, I was keeping my eyes and my ears wide opened to capture all the scents and sounds in front of me. And I thought to myself: “This is how a religious celebration should be – full of sound and life!”

Later that night we got together with Marta and Daniel, the friends we met while trekking in Laos. And who will be our travel companions to Siem Reap and the famous temples of Angkor.

I began my second day in Phnom Penh with a trip to the Central Market. And continued it in the backyard of the Royal Palace: from the palace of the many to the palace of the few.