On my way back home

It is time for me to go back. It is time to go back home, back to Romania, back to Iasi, my hometown. There where my roots are, where I grew up and got ready to stand on my own two feet, there where I am now coming back, to gather my forces and my allies, standing again, maybe differently now, on my own two feet.

The sun is setting, high above the clouds, sending its orange light into the dozed off silence of the airplane. I look around me for a moment, then I turn my eyes again towards the hypnotising light of the sun. The next time it will set, I will already be in Romania. I smile – the first day of my trip started into the light of a sunrise, seen high in the skies from another airplane, the one taking me to Paris. Now everything is coming full circle. One journey, which felt like a lifetime, is coming to an end, in between the light of a sunrise and the light of a sunset.

It is so that this Light Journal, the blog of a girl’s one-year trip around the world, is coming to an end. And we must say goodbye.

I want to thank you. It has been a joy to have you accompanying me along the way, sharing with you moments, and feelings, and images.

Epilogue on the back of a photo: The beginning of my life back in Romania came with orange marigold flowers, grey clouds, my friend Irina’s and her daughter Mara’s loving smiles and arms, and a lost luggage. Interesting mix, isn’t it? Well, if this is how it started, I can’t wait to see what the rest of it will bring!

Going back home

Although I had not planned it when I left, my trip brought me back home, back to Romania. Half-way through my journey, I gave myself the time and space to see my family again, to re-meet my friends, to come back to my hometown. And to taste all of it as part of my trip around the world, and to live all of it as part of this craziness that I let myself live. And it felt good, really good!

Out of all the places I went back here, there is one place, deeply rooted into my heart: my grandparents’ house – breathing the calmness of nature and the wisdom of generations, always welcoming me with love and opened arms, still having somewhere on a wall a photo of me and my brother as children. Tempted by the splendid autumn sun this morning, I visited my grandparents again, with my father, for a last, long and smiling goodbye.

May God keep you safe and strong until we see each other again! Until then, I’ll write you about Thailand!