A taste of Germany

You may guess my surprise when, leaving a cloudy and rainy France, I find in Germany not only the home of my friend Iulia, but also white summer clouds, blue skies and warm weather!

Iulia and I, we’ve known each other ever since the first days of our 5th grade (which is, if I come to think about it, almost 20 years ago!… ). Throughout the school years, we used to walk together every day to school, but ever since she moved to Germany for her studies and later started working there as a doctor, we saw less of each other. But we always stayed in contact: telephone, emails, visits when possible – and I still have home the letters we used to send each other when we were in college.

So the idea of visiting her and her husband Hermann, and meeting their new-born baby, without having to worry about the number of days I can take off from work, has been one of the first things that came into my mind when I thought about leaving Romania for one year. Well, here I am, arriving to Iulia’s home, in the small city of Parsberg, a typical Bavarian town. Her mother is also visiting and, to my delight, Oana, our common friend from high school, who had recently moved to Germany as well, joined us for a few days. So, after Iulia’s husband was leaving to work, the house and the little city of Parsberg was left to us, four women and one very little boy, having long breakfasts in the little garden behind the house, taking walks around the city, discussing everything (from the parks and flowers that grow in Germany to news about our common friends), enjoying the sun… Ah, and cooking! Every day, a different cake – it seemed to be some kind of a motto during my stay there. On my last evening with them, thought, we included Hermann in our circle, for a little ice cream treat.

My German experience was prolonged with an evening in Munich, at the home of Oana and her husband Iulian. The last rays of sun were lighting the silhouette of their daughter Stefania surrounding her with a golden hallow. A little bit upset because she had a cold, she was up on the father’s shoulders, holding a bagel over his head, giving him another kind of hallow.

Munich is to be my trampoline for arriving in Greece: with a first stop of a few days in Athens, I will soon be landing on the isle of Lesbos, home for my summer months.