About this blog

The Light Journal, a collection of light-full moments and photos.
Picked up during my one-year trip around the world.

In March 2013 I decided to quit my job as a lawyer at an international law firm in Bucharest and start a journey that would begin in Paris and end… not exactly sure where. It is true, I would like to spend spring in western Europe visiting friends, summer on the island of Lesbos in Greece, at the Osho Afroz Meditation Centre, and autumn and winter in India, Thailand and, maybe, China. But more, I don’t know now and I don’t want to know. I decided that during this trip I would not make choices by planning and organizing (which is how I managed “important things” my whole life), but rather by letting life choose for me, by letting each moment of my trip show me what to do next.

I believe that each moment of our lives has a maximum potential – a manifestation that would bring that moment to the best, most beautiful and graceful version of itself. And I believe that our life is about understanding such potential and bringing it into existence. And when this happens, life shines through, light shines through places, people, trees, coffee cups, hearts, smiles. I am sure you know what I’m speaking of!

And this is what I would like to capture in the pages of this blog: the light that shines through in those moments of grace – a Light Journal.

Update, July 2014:

Here I find myself, more than one year after I started this journey, and this journal, looking back… My trip did start in Paris, and continued, after an Iranian-flavoured intermezzo, in France. It then brought me to Luxembourg, Germany and Greece. And the Greek island of Lesbos, where I spent a long and wonderful summer. After a short trip back to Romania, I started discovering, this time having the company of my brother, south-east Asia: Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia. We went back to Thailand for a while, to meet old and new friends. From there, we flew to India – which was a whole journey into itself. Next, it was Shanghai, and then Mexico – my last stop and my first love of Latin America.

It has been a long and beautiful journey. And I hope you will enjoy discovering, through the photos and the thoughts I shared in this journal, a very personal version of the countries I visited, of the places and people that opened up to me, and let me discover them, and let me go deep inside their souls.

2 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Without Love There Can Be No Communication
    Love is the answer to all relationships. Without Love there can be no communication. When there is Love, no words need to be spoken for the language of Love needs no words but there is complete understanding without a word being spoken. Where there is Love there are no language barriers for Love can be conveyed in action, in a silent look, in the smallest deed, for Love is so great it can be felt and sensed, and you long for the very best for those you truly Love. When you truly Love one, you can Love All
    Arun von Tiru

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