All of Yucatan – the Mayan ruins, the coast: Chichen Itza, Celestun

Chichen Itza is a Mexico “must”, as everybody told me. I visited this ancient Mayan city on a cloudy day, when the grey colour of the ruins was contrasting even more strongly against the green leaves, a contrast that, because of the light, seemed much more vivid in person than through the lens of my camera… In the quiet sound of the morning, lizards were coming out to get a little sunlight, hummingbirds were buzzing around looking for honey, and people were slowly filling the place, trying to understand the secret meaning of these stones and pierce into the mysteries of a great lost civilisation.

In Celestun I got close to the living Mexico, just as in Chichen Itza I had the feeling I was exploring the ancient Mexico. I came here to see the pink flamingos, but I discovered much more – a fishermen village, asleep under the heart of the summer, but somehow alive behind the shaded windows, inside the houses, in a bag of seashells left alone next to an empty boat, or the shadow of a little boy bicycling away on the dirty road. With little hotels right on the beach and children accompanying their parents at fishing, at sunset. With secret lagoons and mangrove forests, with pelicans, and seagulls, and ibis birds, and pink flamingos – majestic, slow, beautiful, gracious, pink flamingos.

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