Forgotten places of the Pacific coast


A fishermen village hidden away in the natural park of Lagunas de Chacahua, mangrove tunnels, palm trees and “golden rain” trees, white sand and wooden huts, built right on the beach – this and much more was to welcome me in Chacahua, just south of Puerto Escondido. It took 2 minivans, a taxi “collectivo”, a boat and a truck to cover the two hour distance to the village. But once I got there, I fell in love with this forgotten corner of the world, full of peace, and sun, and easiness, and beauty. A place that now, in the low season, seemed to be forgotten even by tourists. People walking lazily on the sandy village roads, children playing around boats or sleeping, gently swung in a hammock, women preparing lunch in smoky wooden huts, vendors selling homemade snacks out of baskets carried on their heads, and the occasional one or two surfers that took the trouble of getting until here… and me, enjoying, looking all around, walking under the palm trees, smiling.

One of the days I took, together with other people I had met in Chacahua, a boat trip around the lagoons, enjoying all that there was there, the ride through the mangroves, the little animals and birds the guides where pointing us out, the crocodiles’ sanctuary, the stop for beer, snacks and stories, the sunset, seen for above. And one experience which I can only tell you about: seeing the plankton, little fluorescent organisms that live in the water, which you can only notice by putting your hand in the water and shaking it slowly. And it feels like little, little stars appear following the movement of your hand – it is as if, for just a moment, your hands are able to let out into the water, into the world, a little bit of fairy dust.

And finally I left, moving along the cost line, along papaya plantations and palm trees forests, along beaches and ranches, to arrive to Mazunte, yet another, although somehow differently flavored, beach paradise.

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