Oaxaca, the city of colors

In Oaxaca I found a celebrating mood, with concerts and traditional dances appearing out of nowhere in one or the other of the city’s squares, with film festivals and open air exhibitions along its streets. And with all that is always there, the city’s street food, churches, museums, little cafes, and many, many art galleries.

Ever since I had found out about Monte Alban in Mexico City’s Anthropology Museum, I wanted to visit this ancient city which the Zapotec people founded in the 5th century BC. The trip there also brought me to an almost deserted Franciscan monastery and little villages where local craftsmen have their workshops: wooden figurines painted in rainbow colors and pottery made out of black clay.

I could not be in Mexico without going to a cooking class (maybe you got used, by now). And it was an excellent choice: a trip to the market, a few hours cooking and a big lunch, including avocado ice cream! After which I just walked around the city, enjoying its streets, and little restaurants, and street life.

Next direction is west: to the sea, and sun, and sand of the Pacific coast! But this is food for my next post…

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