Here I am, Mexico City!

I did not have in mind, when leaving Romania, to arrive in Mexico – but still, here I am, landing in this unknown land, the land of the Aztecs and the Maya, of massacres and Spanish conquest, and revolutions, and mysticism, and modernity, and creativity, and beauty, and aliveness.

And here you have Mexico City, my first dive into Mexico.

…With street art, and murals, old and new buildings, with museums – history, anthropology, contemporary art, mingling together. And a Frida Kahlo museum, the house where she lived, hidden away in the back of on a small street. And a collection of Rodin’s sculptures which seemed to have been frozen for a moment, there, in front of us, for us to enjoy – but which, as soon as the last visitor would leave the museum, would continue their dance of love – and lust.

…With the Jamaica market, and all the smells and the colors and the flavors of a Mexican market (and the best avocados I ever tasted!), and Coyoacan, and San Angel, and trying street food, and meeting friends, dear friends, and having drinks, and trying Mexican food again.

And, finally, with the red hair of my friend, fired up in the light of the sun, on my last morning in the city.

1 thought on “Here I am, Mexico City!

  1. unitedcolorsofMexico!! cat de frumos!! sper sa il vizitez si eu in viitorul nu prea indepartat! te pup, draga Ioana!

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