Short journey into the Rishikesh of my heart


The pace of this travel blog could not keep up with the pace of my travelling. In real life things happen sometimes much faster than they do in the virtual one.

And so, while I was writing about Taj Mahal and Rajastan, I was already walking the streets of Rishikesh, a town in the north of India, close to the Himalayas. A self-proclaimed international capital of yoga, with teachers’ training yoga courses and drop-in classes, advertised at every street corner. The place where people who feel they have something to share hold “satsangs”, open discussions where questions are asked or thoughts are just shared. Where Hindu pilgrims come every day, from all over India, to bathe in the saint Ganga river. The place where some of my friends from Bucharest came to participate at the satsangs held by Sri Mooji. And where I settled down for a couple of weeks and enjoyed the company of my friends and an easy life in India. The place where I said goodbye to my brother, who decided to go north, towards Nepal, to walk the white peaks of Annapurna. While I wanted to stay longer here, in Rishikesh, to go walking on the shores of the Ganga, listening to its sounds and stories, to stay in the afternoon sun, watching it slowly rolling over the hills on the other side of the river…

The place where I felt that things which are difficultly put into words were happening inside me. Sometimes even flowing outwards, as smiles, or tears, or silences. A place I will remember in my heart. For all the reasons one may need. And for no reason at all.

3 thoughts on “Short journey into the Rishikesh of my heart

  1. Arati din ce in ce mai tanara….lucru care ma face fericita! :) totul este cu adevarat magic…de la fotografiile tale pana la energia care se transmite dincolo de imagine. Ma bucur sa te vad atat de fericita si iti doresc si mai multa fericire!

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