Jodhpur, my last stop in Rajastan

A fort and a marketplace – this was Jodhpur for me. In one, I saw the history of India, the old India, with stories of princes and princesses, with tales of wives throwing themselves into the fire at the death of their husband, with silver carriages and silk embroideries, and tall rooms with walls covered with paintings and gold. In the other, I dipped myself into the living India, the ever-present India, with stalls and shops cramped into each other and spilling into the sidewalk, or simply settled on a blanket in the street, with people getting a haircut in the middle of the road, in between parked motorbikes and cows moving lazily, with donkeys carrying stone and people selling food. And the beautiful and (still) surprisingly colorful saries!

Enjoy the India I came to know here, in Rajastan, the land of kings. Next stop, it will be the Taj Mahal…


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