Jaisalmer, the city in the desert

Jaisalmer – the second city we visited in Rajastan, India’s “land of kings”. A city built in the desert and, as it would seem, out of the desert. With buildings made out of stone having the gold-like color of sand, carved with intricate, never-ending designs. The streets, as everywhere in India, full of noise, color, people and… cows. Jaisalmer’s fort, full of history, seems to overlook the rest of the city – and the life of its people, which look as if it changed so little in the last hundreds of years.

And because we were in the desert, we just had to try a camel safari! We had it all: camel riding, passing through local villages, sunset on the dunes, dinner by the fire, cooked by our Indian guides (delicious, by the way), sharing stories and moments of silence while warming up by the camp fire, sleeping in the desert, under the stars and in the light of the (almost) full moon, waking up with the sunrise and welcoming the day with a hot cup of “chai”…

Last, but not least, I give you Hotel Helsinki House, our home for a few days and the best accommodation we found in India, so far! The owner was very helpful and friendly, so it felt natural to help them with a few photos for their website. Here you have some of the most “artistic” ones :)

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