Bangkok reloaded

Here we find ourselves again in Bangkok, the place we first landed when arriving from Romania, at the beginning of our Asian trip. And on this second visit, we discovered a Bangkok much more inviting and welcoming than the one we got to know three months ago. The weather seemed less hot and humid, its chaotic traffic and relentless noise was somewhat appeased by the protests which had blocked the main crossroads of the city, its strange ways, its crowds, noise, pollution, skyscrapers and little shabby house had now a familiarity which made them closer to my heart. Part of this new view on Bangkok was brought by the discovery of what would come to be our favorite means of transportation in the city: the boats – these buses on water that cross the city flying on the waves, mastered and geared by true acrobats.

We also had the time to visit some of the more touristic sites of Bangkok: the Grand Palace and the Wat Phra Kaew, flooded by rivers of tourists, and the teak house of Jim Thompson, an oasis of green created in the ’50s by this American in love with Thailand.

And I was very happy to be able to take a cooking class, something I had set my mind to do before leaving Thailand. All the dishes we’ll see in the pictures were cooked by me – enjoy them, I really enjoyed cooking them! And I never thought it would be so easy (well, when you have the right ingredients). When I’ll get back to Romania, I’ll look for some guinea pigs to try my Thai cooking skills. Any volunteers? :)

As some of you may know, Bangkok is now under a kind of siege: its own people blocked seven main traffic points of the city, moved in with tents and sleeping bags and request that the government steps down before the new elections take place. As long as we stayed there, everything was rather peaceful and calm – nevertheless, we were happy that our flight out of Bangkok was scheduled before the elections.

Bits and pieces of a big city, lights, and tuk-tuks, and street food, and long rows of cars, and houses cramped one on top of the other…

Now, the South-East Asian part of our trip has come to an end. I said goodbye to Bangkok and everything in it and, slightly nervous, I packed my things and… here we are, heading for the airport to catch our flight to India.

Indeed, India! Everybody has an opinion about this country, there are no mild words to describe it: extraordinary, amazing, appalling, incredibly beautiful, incredibly dirty, stories of rivers of rats walking the streets at night and bodies burned in open air, and stories of people in love with the colors, the people, the spirituality, coming back time after time. Some love it passionately, some go through it bearing it, enduring it like a bitter pill you swallow while closing your eyes.

I truly don’t know how I will react. And this is one of the reasons why, with feelings of anxiety and not sure that in one week I won’t be on a flight out of the country, I head to the airport. Well, see you in India, then!

2 thoughts on “Bangkok reloaded

  1. We are waiting to read how you find India :) thanks for bringing us every where with you Ioana !

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