The world of the Mekong Delta

Waking up at 4 a.m. in Can Tho, the Vietnamese town which we chose as base for our exploration of the Mekong Delta, we find it full of people opening the gates of their shops, drinking green tea on the side of the street or having qi gong and aerobics classes by the riverside. As our driver, a smiling round-faced woman, picks us up, we start glidding in between the waters of the Mekong and the warm air of the night. Breakfast on board: bananas, coffee and small loaves of white bread. In the houses bordering the river, people are waking up and starting a new day. We arrive to the floating markets, a gathering of warehouse-like boats selling fruits and vegetables, floating markets which are now slowly disappearing as big shops kick in. Further on, we see a small business manufacturing rice noodles and a network of ever intertwined smaller canals, where the silence is broken only by the slow humming of our boat.

Back in the city, we end our day with a visit to the local night market, one of our favorite places in Can Tho, having some of the best food I’ve eaten in South-East Asia so far.

It is now time to say goodbye to Vietnam – Cambodia is waiting for us. It was a short visit, but I will be back. Someday…


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