Into the waters of Halong Bay

An Unesco World Heritage site and one of the best known places in Vietnam, Halong Bay felt, the first day we were there, as if it were a kind of “tourist camp”. Everywhere you were looking, you would see a cruise boat bringing to the bay its own little group of curious tourists and the cave we visited that day, though impressively large and quite beautiful, seemed to be crossed by a living river of tourists moving slowly into the same direction. Very different was the second day, when we were guided towards the more secluded area of Lan Ha Bay. Here, we kayaked our way into bays where you would enter through corridors carved into the mountain rock or even through smaller caves, in which you would have to be careful not to let you kayak get stuck, we spotted monkeys chasing each another through the trees, we enjoyed the silence of the mountains surrounding us…

You will find below some pictures from the first day, with the “tourist camp” cave, the evening cooking lesson – rolling spring rolls, and the beautiful people we shared the boat with. On the second day, I could not bring my camera in the kayak, so I cannot really show you the most spectacular part of it, but you will understand how much we enjoyed the whole experience from the smiles on our faces.

And I made up my mind: I absolutely love being on a boat!


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