Holiday mood

My (extended) Afroz summer gained a more holiday-ish spirit when I received the visit of my friend from Bucharest, Irina (the same Irina I met in Nice, maybe you remember), who came together with her husband and with my brother, Alexandru. Having people from my Romanian life, people that are so dear and important to me, joining into my experience of Afroz and of this island felt like an unexpected blessing.

One of these holiday-days, Irina and I decided it was the right moment for a “girls’ morning”. So we drove up to the village of Eressos and there we found the perfect place for our morning coffee: a little wooden bench under the big oak tree in the village square. Here, we enjoyed our coffee and the view of people coming and going out of the square, we listened to each other’s words, and hearts, we welcomed a stray cat that jumped out of nowhere besides us, on the bench. And, at length, we stood up and waked slowly the streets of the little village.

In the evening, now in the complete formula of four, we chose one of the restaurants over at the seaside to have dinner and to look at the sunset. And here it is another surprise that September brought into my life in Lesbos: the sun is no longer setting behind the hills, unseen, unnoticed, but into the sea, capturing the eye and the attention of all. Having been raised in a country where the sea faces east, this has been the first time in my life when I could watch, over and over again, the sunset on the sea. And sometimes I would just lock my eyes into the setting light, welcoming it inside me, wondering where the sun was going, what people and places would receive its light, now, that we could not see it anymore…


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