Looking for food, finding heaven

One hot afternoon, close to Mytilini, on the other side of the island, we were looking for a place to eat. At some point we stopped, where it seemed to me to be nothing but trees and bushes of flowers hiding the shores of the gulf of Mytilini. To my surprise, behind those bushes, and suspended on the edge of the shore, we found a few tables crammed together, some wooden benches, two or three cats wandering around and the most wonderful place where I have ever eaten. The sea was breaking into small waves at our feet, the sun was filtered through the leaves of the trees above, the laughter and cries of joy of a woman playing with her children in the sea were reaching us, mixed together with the sounds of the sea. In the meantime, the owners of the place kept on bringing delicious food, Greek salad, sardines and other fish, dishes with aubergine and zucchini, sun-dried tomatoes. Everything accompanied, of course, by local raki!


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