Scaring and partying – Afroz style

September time in Afroz. Life is quiet and the winter seems to be silently creeping in. To scare it away, we had, on Friday, the 13th, a loud and noisy “Scary Party”! On the soundtrack of the movie “Rosemary’s Baby”, most adequately provided by our vampire DJ Kaifi, we dressed up in Margarita’s hand-made clothes, put glitter on our cheeks and make-up on our faces, and we partied away, barefooted under the stars! Perhaps, for the last time this season…

PS:Some of the pictures have little comments under them.


1 thought on “Scaring and partying – Afroz style

  1. Ce bine c-ai postat…mi se facuse dor de tine. Ma bucur si de bonus: fata fericita a Casandrei. Va imbratisez cu drag <3

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