Friends and smiles. In the September sun

A sweet first of September spent in and around the little town of Antissa, saying goodbye to our redhead Turkish friend who will be leaving soon. Incredibly delicious food (that disappeared before I could take any pictures – but trust me, we had the best octopus I ever tried!), laughter, all kinds of stories from all kinds of countries, home-made waffles and kaimaki icecream, listening to the waves crushing on the shore. And above all this, the autumn sun sending its light over us.

September is here and I feel the air already changing. The light is more mellow, the leaves loose a little bit their color, the mornings and the nights are getting chilly and there is a sweetness and a quiet coziness in the air. After the rush of the festival period, the center is getting more and more quiet, with new people saying goodbye every day. I will be saying goodbye as well, some day this month… But for now, I am still here, tasting the flavor of the island in the autumn. And I was surprised to feel already, on this first of September, so different from the exuberant, full-on energy of the summer months. September brings a calmness, a sweet melancholy, that I feel in my body and my heart. I feel good, happy, but in a different way than before, in a more quiet, mellow, going-inside-myself kind of way. A feeling that has a little taste of sadness in it. And I let it be and enjoy it. As much as I enjoy the light of the September sun.


2 thoughts on “Friends and smiles. In the September sun

  1. My Dearest,
    I feel like I am there and sharing it all with you when I read your blog :)
    thank you <3 xxx

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