A photo shoot in Afroz

I was preparing a post with more pictures of Afroz, my home this summer. But before I finish taking pictures for that post, I absolutely have to show you the photos I took today!

My friend Samaya, a beautiful Israeli woman I meet last year here in Afroz, came a few weeks ago and, while catching up on what we have been doing since we last saw each other, I found out that she started designing clothes (as you can see here). She is just at the beginning and because she needed some photos with her clothes, I proposed that I would take them.

After talking about it for two weeks, today everything fell into place: a Greek woman with an angel name, Aggeliki, was to be our model. In the light of the afternoon sun, we let ourselves inspired by Samaya’s wonderful clothes, by the sun, the loving energy of Afroz, the olive trees and Aggeliki’s stunning beauty. We laughed, we told stories, we went all over Afroz, we enjoyed the sunlight, we danced to the rhythm of a drum and a trumpet that happen to be around… I loved it! And I feel blessed to have tasted the wonderful joyful synergy of women enjoying and celebrating being women…


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