Photos of my life in Afroz

I’ve been thinking lately of sharing with you how my days in Afroz look like. So, one morning I took my camera and kept taking pictures of people and places around me.

Well, first things first, this is what I see in the morning, looking out of my tent (and yes, I am living in a tent and I absolutely love it!… I’ll tell you more about it later).

DSC_0239That day I did not go to the 7.00 o’clock dynamic meditation and, instead, I did my own dynamic, cleaning the bar area :) My summer job in Afroz is to take care of the small open-air bar that they have in the center. And working in the bar, I discovered I love giving people coffee in the morning, calmly chatting away about little nothings. I love understanding if they would like a Greek-size-normal-espresso or an Italian-size-normal- espresso… I like moving slowly to the music of the day, while preparing a watermelon smoothie or washing dishes. I love giving and receiving smiles and putting on the bar, in the morning, a little gardenia flower which people come and smell when in need of an aromatherapy boost. On some days, we even welcome special quests at the bar – like the little poisonous snake that you’ll see in the pictures, which somebody had caught in a friend’s house.

It was a day with an unexpected present. A friend was saying DSC_0284goodbye and before leaving he gave me one of his drawings. This is Anand Sagar, a

DSC_0301Mexican young artist who impressed many of us with the subtle energy of his paintings and drawings. And up here you have the drawing I received. Thank you, Sagar, and I hope we’ll meet again!

After lunch the Afroz bar is closed, so I headed to the sea. I took my bicycle through the dirt roads of Lesbos’ countryside, until I reached Skala Eressos, a small fishermen village, with bars and restaurants crammed together along the seashore. I felt like meeting people, so I went to Zorba the Buddha, one of the favorite bars of the people in here, rather than going for the secluded Sahara beach, at the other end of the bay. One long bath and a wonderful pineapple-green-herbs-smoothie later, I decided to go back up the hills to Afroz.

I must say that after trying bicycle, scuter, motorbike and car, the bicycle is by far my favorite means of transportation from Afroz to the seaside: it is not as hot as in a car, it is not as windy as on a motorbike or a scuter, there is no noise or smell of gasoline, I can enjoy the scenery and I can really feel my body enjoying the exercise. Ah, and it is cheaper. Well, it is true, it is not as fast, but, as it is not more than 20 minutes on one way, I recommend it for any future long-term visitor of Afroz!

Back to Afroz, I passed by the dinning area and had a look at one of the many fig trees around here. The figs are not ripe yet, but I can’t wait for them to get that yellowish color, hanging down softly one close to the other, so that I can take one, make a little hole in it and just squeeze out its sweet and juicy core… hmm…

Finally, I give you my tent, my little summer home of which I fell in love! I love that at night I can feel in it, after the heat of the day, the cool wind of Lesbos and that, whenever I look up from my pillow, I can see the stars and the moon. I love that right next to it there is a small fig tree. I love that when I am inside I can lean against the trunk of the olive tree, which I can also feel in the night, surrounding and watching over me, almost like a mother.


3 thoughts on “Photos of my life in Afroz

  1. foarte fain ioana, cred ca ai parte de o adevarata vara mediterana :)

    Sabina (via Pta Romana)

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