In Provence…

My next destination was Aix-en-Provence, the temporary home of my friend Roxana. And by temporary, I mean that she is going to work as a researcher at the Aix-en-Provence University only for a few months, returning afterwards to Verona, were she is doing a PhD in law.

Roxana and I met while working at a Bucharest law firm and we soon discovered that, before coming to Bucharest, we had both lived in Iasi and even went to the same high school. Even if we don’t have similar personalities or, sometimes, not even the same ideas on life and the world, we always had a very good time together, whether exchanging legal arguments, agreeing or disagreeing on philosophy or ideas from the latest book we were reading or just having shots and dancing in Gaia (i.e.: a Bucharest club). So I was really happy she moved to France and that I could meet her during this tour of France of mine.

After the cold and windy days of the Cote d’Azur, Aix-en-Provence welcomed me with a warm and friendly sun that kept on shining all the time I was there. And this made me stay one day more than planned, just enjoying the peace and quiet of the house with garden Roxana was living in, taking “sun baths” (as the French put it), eating cherries from the cherry tree in the back of the house and trying to cure the cold I had caught (ironically, you might say) in Nice.

My last night there was a combination of warm weather, Bordeaux wine, stars and moon seen from the window of Roxana’s room, singing songs, wonderful conversation and an impromptu photo shoot.

Meet you some other time, in some other place, friend. May your journey be smiling and full of insights!


4 thoughts on “In Provence…

  1. I felt it so simple and tender. Warm hug, my dear friend…looking forward to your next sparks of life on your journey.

  2. wow. ai inceput sa faci fotografii:)) dulceturi probabil ai adus cu tine, miram-as sa aiba Roxana in camara…

    • Ei, prajiturile le-am luat la un un “cafe gourmand”, intr-o cafenea pe-acolo cat am asteptat-o pe Roxana sa vina sa ma ia. Ca nu, Roxana nu avea dulceturi :)

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