Recipe for one perfect Cote d’Azur day

Firsts of all, you take one late breakfast, eaten at ease, with freshly baked baguette, orange juice, milk coffee with milk foam (home made foam, that is – my little guilty pleasure, for which I took from Romania my very own milk-foam-maker) and, of course, the newspaper (even though the only happy-matching-our-mood piece of news we could find in it was about the Cannes festival). You add in a little walk in the old center of Nice, not forgetting on the way to enjoy and smell the flowers and that scent that only the Mediterranean sea seems to have. You mix it with a high view over Nice. You also though in there a little waterfall, silverish reflections of the sea, a narcissistic moment in front of the camera and a French coffee under a tree sharing your thoughts on the latest book you read. You stir everything very well and then you absolutely have to let it rest by the seaside. In the meanwhile, you watch little Ema laughing and crawling on the pebbles (being careful not to let her eat one of them – she seems to enjoy that very much), listen to the sea or just look at the boats leaving the port…

Note: In order for this recipe to work, it is essential to have one main ingredient: a very good friend, a wonderfully open-hearted and beautiful person that will share with you all of this.


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