Saying goodbye

My last post about Iran… Time to say goodbye and go on with my trip, go on with this blog. Time to say goodbye and say thank you. Thank you to Sara and her parents who welcomed me with love, generosity and opened hearts.

Time to say goodbye to Isfahan and its gardens by the riverside. Time for a last walk, pick up a white rose, sit down and just turn it slowly round and round making the small drops of water sparkle in the morning sun.


As all Persian things must end, I’ll close these posts about Iran
with a poem. Beloved Hafez will help me:

از بس كه چشم مست در اين شهر ديده ام/حقا كه مي نمي خورم اكنون و سرخوشم

I’ve seen so many eyes drunk with love in this town,
I think I’m drunk too, although I swear I’ve had no wine to drink.



2 thoughts on “Saying goodbye

  1. Thanks to you Ioana for coming, for bringing so much love and light with yourself ! Esfahan will be missing your eyes recording so well all its beauty :)

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