Note on my posts from Iran

In the Istanbul airport, enjoying the wi-fi, a glass of beer and the fact that I can write you!

My dears,

I am back from the other end of the word! Well, some would say I am still at the other end of the world: I am sitting at the bar of a café in the Istanbul airport, waiting for my flight back to France and looking through the photos and blog entries I wrote while I was in Iran.

As you may have noticed, after the story of the Khaju Bridge, there were no more posts on my blog. That’s because a few days after my arrival, the Iranian government announced that “ships crossing the ocean damaged the cables providing internet to Iran and that, consequently, the speed of internet would slow down in the following days”. Oddly enough, this “unfortunate incident” seems to happen every 4 years or so, when elections are getting closer (and presidential elections will be held in Iran in about one month). As one of my Iranian friends was saying with a smile, they could at least try and find each year a different excuse.

Even before this incident, accessing my blog and facebook accounts was not quite a piece of cake, as I had to use a special software to avoid the filters installed by the government to block access to certain sites and, then, to have a lot of patience because, obviously, the use of that software was considerably reducing internet speed. After the government’s announcement, however, it became impossible to upload any pictures, whether on facebook or my blog.

As such, I saw myself reduced to recording my memories offline, with the wish of sharing them to you when I would have better internet access. That’s why in the following days I will post more often and my posts will mainly refer to Iran. Getting to know Iran and the Persian people was a wonderful rich experience for me and it will probably take a few posts to finish telling all my stories. In the hope that it will not too much or too bothersome to you, I tell you goodbye for now and see you soon from Europe!

And here you have the soundtrack of this I-am-back-and-so-glad-to-write-to-you-again post:


2 thoughts on “Note on my posts from Iran

  1. Welcome back! Happy to read you again and hear you´re safe and that you have thoroughly enjoyed Iran. Big hug!

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