Last night in Paris

Ever since I arrived in Paris, the idea of a pick-nick on the Seine had teased me and got away: first, the party we were supposed to go got cancelled, then, when we decided to do a pick-nick for ourselves, the weather was too cold to stay out. So you can imagine that when the two friends I was supposed to meet on my last evening in Paris waited for me outside the cafe and proposed to have a pick-nick on the Seine instead of drinks in that place, I immediately said YES!

Pick-nick close to Bastille

Let me explain: a pick-nick on the Seine is not, as one may expect, a pick-nick during the day, but rather an alternative for going out for a drink and/or dinner. The recipe is simple: you take a nice warm evening in Paris that you would hate to spend inside, you buy some wine and your favorite kind of cheese (one could just as well buy beer and crackers, but when in Paris… ), add blankets, glasses and (especially don’t forget!) a corkscrew, accompany all this by very good company of old and new friends and there you have your Paris pick-nick!

Sharing ideas and experiences, looking at the people, the sky, the trees and the flowers, giving and asking for cigarettes to/from perfect strangers, occasionally listening to music from the boats in front of us. Breathing. Saying goodbye to Paris. At least for now.


… Below you find bits and pieces of my last days in Paris. Next stop: Iran.


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